Why Is Blogging Important?

Why Blogging is Important

“Where the Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.”
– George Siemens



In order to have an authority website, you need a Blogging platform. 

The Blogs you share will include your knowledge on your site’s topic and show the readers that you are knowledgeable in your field. Your readers and followers will gain confidence in you because you are a reliable source of information.

Readers search the web for Blog information through the help of search engines, like Google and Bing. 

These search engines crawl websites looking for content, keyword reference, the frequency of updates, how and how long visitors spend time on your website and blog posts.


Blogs help your rankings when you use inbound links too.

If you write a Blog and have keywords that are used in another Blog you wrote, then you can link the Blogs together with an inbound link. This technique will keep your readers on your website and search for more reliable information. Google likes it when you get readers to stay.

Other items that your Blog can contain are outbound links. meta tags, keywords, tags, pictures, videos… which will help improve your SEO and ranking on Google.

When you create Blogs, you need to talk to a specific audience also known as a Target Audience.  You need to inform them of the specific information they are seeking to solve a particular problem. Try to ensure that your blogs are informative, interesting and that they get to the point at the beginning of the article. 


It is important to get to the point of your Blog at the beginning.

You attracted readers for a reason and it would have been because of the Title of your Blog. If your Title promises “5 Ways To Improve Your SEO Ranking”, then deliver the information at once. Don’t dwell on the history of SEO and leaving all the juicy information until the end of the Blog. The reason is that your readers are surfing the net for relevant information that they need now.


Trigger emails based on clicks



Readers Will Leave Your Website if… 

they can’t retrieve the results up front. Most just don’t have the patience to read and read and read until voila they found what they are looking for. Be sure to deliver the information when they land on your Blog.


Once your reader gets the information they seek, then they will be in a position to stay or go. If you delivered the content they desire and they are thirsty for more, they will stay. They will likely be loyal followers too. Hopefully, they let you know that by sticking around, subscribing to you, following you, share your information and links on social media, and take your recommendations on products and services that will help you monetize your core business.


Google ranks websites with the amount of content they provide…and the frequency of posts. So I recommend posting quality information in your posts on a regular base…daily, or every other day. If you are working on an in-depth article then sure take more time to compile it but not over a week. It is best to provide quality over quantity so try to keep that in mind.


In summary,  I made a little list of the benefits of Blogging to inspire you to take action:

  • helps improve SEO scores
  • helps SERP ranking
  • shares your in-depth knowledge
  • helps people to solve problems
  • provides a trusted source of information
  • gains exposure
  • helps increase networking 
  • its free advertisement and promotion 
  • helps collect email address so you can keep in touch with followers
  • sells and promotes products and services you advise
  • the ability for others to share your words via social media
  • makes you, your brand, your voice, thoughts, concerns, problem-solving more real to the reader


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