Tips For Busy Dreamers

I decided that today would be a great day to write an article on a topic that can speak to a multitude of people. A topic that applies to you whether you’ve already started your business venture, or even to those who are too busy working their 9 – 5 or too busy with their families to get started on their dream goals.

1. Devote time to your purpose.

The why. The very roots of what you dream of, or perhaps got you started in the first place. You need to spend time to connect with that very purpose that moved you at the beginning. If your family is the very reason you bust your butt, consider spending time with them a little more often. Or maybe you want to earn six figures and make a difference in your own community or the world, there are several charities out there and volunteer workers looking for help.

The point of this is to remind you of the very reason you began. Everybody should have their own purpose that helps them get out of bed every morning. Doing this will not only solidify the vows you made for when you become successful, but it will also become a part of who you are.


Maybe your purpose isn’t like that. Maybe you want to be a musician and you feel your very purpose is to be out there on the stage performing and doing what you love, or.. maybe it’s getting rich by selling a product that everyday people would use. In scenarios like these, it’s completely okay. In the end you’re doing what you love and want, but also making other people happy as well.

You need to hone your craft, or spend time with the very thing that makes your heart soar and in time, it’ll be what you do for a living, you just have to want it enough. See Eric Thomas – How Bad Do You Want It.

Money is available to all of us, and we all deserve what we ask for … but mainly, we need to work for it to become a reality. Look more into The Law Of Attraction for more information on this. It may just be the crucial key you need in order to hit success.

2. Take small breaks often.

It’s important to think of your mind as a vehicle and that vehicle could use a pit-stop every now and again. Taking breaks is essential to maintaining a steady work flow and keeping yourself feeling revitalized. When work is piling up and you’re feeling stuck, or burnt out, it’s probably time to take a breather.

During your break you could go for a 15 minute walk and get some fresh air, or watch an episode of your favorite show, play a round of a game you like, or make yourself a snack! However you choose to spend your break is completely up to you, as long as at the end you’re able to go back to work with a clear head.

It’s important not to overwork yourself, because although your dreams and ambitions are important to living a life you can truly be happy with, your health is equally if not more important. Make sure to take care of yourself so you can utilize your time the best and maintain your steady work flow. Getting sick and stressed will only slow you down.

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Fact: Stress kills brain cells as opposed to a calm environment which will permit their regrowth. In fact stress can affect your immune system and make it not work as well. Not only that but being exposed to constant stress, can influence your mood and make you prone to depression and anxiety.

Taking the appropriate rest breaks can help calm you and bring about proper balance in your health and mind.

Feeling over stressed?

Here are a few recommendations to reduce stress levels:

Yoga: A Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, involves controlled breathing, adopting a variety of different poses and bodily postures, and meditation. Widely practiced for increased health and relaxation.

Meditation: To control one’s breathing through mental exercise, for the purpose of reaching higher spiritual awareness.

Hypnosis: It allows modifications to behaviour by suggestion, and is usually very relaxing. But you have to allow yourself to be open to the idea of it or it won’t work.

ASMR: Autonomus Sensory Median Response (ASMR) a series of sounds that produce “tingles” and give you satisfying goosebumps that begins at the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. Helps some people sleep or relax with audio sensations.

Thetawaves: When awake, most people exhibit brain waves. These can be classified as Alpha and Beta waves. Beta is associated with day-to-day wakefulness contrary to Theta waves which are slower in frequency than Alpha waves and greater in amplitude.

Check out YouTube if you can’t afford to go to a Yoga Studio or if you don’t feel comfortable doing it in public. There are lots of videos that will help. I also recommend YouTube for Mediation videos, Hypnosis, ASMR and Thetawaves. There are alot of channels dedicated to this stuff and they do it very well and most importantly for free.

3. Only take what you can handle.

Sometimes things can get overwhelming when you have so many projects on the go and trying to meet certain deadlines. This can tie into the previous topic where I mentioned stress. At times like this, it’s okay to ask for help if you have a partner. If not, well it might be time to start searching.

There are so many communities out there of like-minded people who have similar goals. Facebook groups, Twitter, YouTube, etc.. These are communities that could easily provide you with others that might have similar goals but no idea where to start. Just do some searching even on Google to find some of these groups of people. You’d be surprised what you can find!
If you’re out of luck on finding anybody who can help you, you can always hire a freelancer to do odd jobs for you! .. Who knows?! You may have a new partner for hire. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and even Guru are trusted sites for hiring people to do odd jobs. They can range from designing you a web page, to even writing you a jingle. Could be just about anything!

4. Look to others successful in your field.

There are plenty of people who you can look up to who have accomplished a lot and are living the sort of lives you dream of. These people paved the way for people like us to realize that anyone can do it too. This person you look up to might be a celebrity, athlete, scientist, philosopher, could even be your own parents. There is likely somebody that made you feel passionate about what it is you’re trying to do. Even if you can’t think of anybody right now, perhaps do some research for inspiration.

Once you find this individual, you should try to emulate their style and what it is that they did that made them so successful. I don’t mean completely copy them; each person should be unique in their own style and approach. However, using them as an inspirational figure might be a foot in the right direction of finding your own success.

If you find that it’s working, then that’s great. Keep using this approach to further yourself. However, if you find that it’s not working quite the way you wanted, you might need to change your approach altogether in a way that is more you. It could even be that although you admire this particular person, they may just not be right for you to emulate and that’s okay. It could even be that it doesn’t fit your particular business model, or you just aren’t passionate enough about the way they went about it. You need to find what works for you and that’s all trial and error.

After some time of doing this you’ll find your way, and even through all of the failures and dead ends, you’ll be greater in knowledge and much wiser from the process.

I personally, wouldn’t take back any of my failures and setbacks because they made me wiser in the long run, enough so to tell other people of my experience and help them where I had trouble. In a way, these failures connect us to the people we look up to, as they faced similar troubles.

5. Pour your heart and soul into your craft.

This is perhaps one of the most important points I want to make in this article. No matter what it is that you plan to do for a living, you cannot half-ass it, you must pour every ounce of your blood, sweat, and tears into it. This is your passion after all. You need to be the best you can possibly be in order to deal with competition. You have to want it just as bad as you want to breathe.

Me making this as a primary point, however, isn’t to dismiss the points I made earlier and even the final point which we will get to shortly. Pouring your heart and soul into your craft is at least 90 % of what you must do. What you do with the remaining 10 % is up to you. But in that 90 %, you must be working, making connections, promoting, managing social media, hiring people for odd jobs (if you cannot do them yourself.) and wash, rinse, and repeat.

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Another thing you should always do is keep a journal of what you achieved and how much time you devoted to that thing. This will help you find consistencies, as well as being able to log and review everything you have done. Perhaps, they are things you should devote more time to, while others devoting less time towards.

Scheduling is another useful tool. Without schedules, we are just walking aimlessly toward an uncharted goal. It’s good to plan for the future and create these perfectly crafted building blocks which will contribute towards our end goal. At least in whatever you plan to do, you must treat it like a full-time job and devote at least 8 hours a day to it.

Now you might be asking me, “Well, I work a full-time job, where do I find the time to work towards my goals, while fitting in time to spend with my family and friends, while also finding a good time to give back to the community and fit in proper times for breaks – and yadda yadda yadda.” There is time for everything, and making a schedule is the perfect way to start.

If making lunch/dinner is getting in the way of you working on making progress towards your dreams, make it the day before or in bulk for the next couple of days! If you’re finding you aren’t spending enough time with your family, mesh your breaks and your family time together. If you want to spend some time giving back to the community in a way of importance to you, then spend a couple of hours doing that a week. It doesn’t need to be every day. There is time for everything. If you can’t fit in 8 hours because of your current full-time job, then at least treat it as a part-time job and devote 3-4 hours a day doing it. Any progress is good progress.

6. Find time for what’s important.

It’s important to really connect with what matters in this life as we only live once. Spend time and don’t neglect your loved ones. Find the time to feed your inner child and go play your favorite game, or buy that one thing you’ve always wanted, but never felt the need for, go see a football game or get out to the movies with your best buds. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” and that’s very true. Make time for what you love.

If anything ever happened to you tomorrow, you can’t say you truly lived a life worth telling if it only involved work and no enjoyment from the pleasures of life. Another true thing worth remembering is that because you have to sacrifice so much for your dreams to come to fruition, don’t make the people you love pay for it by never getting to see you.

Although, remember that you need to have the right people in your corner. These people need to understand that regardless, you have your own life too, your own goals and dreams you’d like to see come to fruition. If they truly care they wouldn’t try and hold you back either.

If you find yourself becoming immersed in your work, it helps to take a step back from it all and follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

1. Take a break; maintain control over your mental state and health by taking frequent short breaks.

2. Connect with your purpose; remember the why. As it’s your very purpose for the what.

3. Remember you’re only human, so take what you can handle;
don’t over stress yourself, it’s good you feel ambitious, but there is no shame in asking for help and pacing yourself.

What kind of tips do you have for busy dreamers? Have you had any success using these tips? What are your thoughts?


Written by Guest Blogger: Ryan Mayberry at


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