How to Add Akismet Plugin for Free

How to Add Akismet Plugin for Free


“SPAM is taking e-mail, which is a wonderful tool, and exploiting the idea that it’s very inexpensive to send mail.” -Bill Gates


How many times a day do you get spam in your emails? I have too many to count. Spam is an epidemic and just downright annoying.  When you have your own online business, you seem to be a serious magnet for spammers, like they have nothing to do but hit you with redundant messages multiple times.


Thank goodness for a WordPress plugin called Akismet.  This plugin will filter and remove or put aside spam messages so they keep their noisy distractions away from you focussing on real messages that matter.

If you want to download Akismet and don’t know how to do that for FREE, then I have instructions in this article that will help you.  If you are happy with the plugin and feel generous, they are looking for donations


With that being said, here is how to Add Akismet for Free onto your WordPress website.


Add the Akismet Plugin from your WordPress plugin dashboard

This screen will appear when you open it. Click it to Activate Akismet.

Next click on the first option which says Add Personal Subscription

Next, you are going to choose $0.00.

This is where many people either opt out because they think they have to pay for Akismet, or folks end up paying for it not knowing it can be obtained free of charge.

So, how do you get it for $0.00 when it shows it is $64.80/year?  You simply slide the bar to the left until it says $0.00. You do not need to fill in any personal information.

See below. Just slide the bar to $0.00 and click Create Subscription.

You will then get a Thank You, Page. Click Got It.

Next, you will receive an Akismet API Key. An API Key is a string of characters — like abca1b2c3456de7 that’s used to registerAkismet for your site. Click Add Subscription.

Now its time to Activate Akismet.  Click Connect with API key.

The next screen gives you options to select from. After you have chosen your preferences, then Click Save Changes.

The final screen shows your updates have been changed and that Akismet is now set-up.


Happy Blogging!

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