July 26, 2018

About Me

Hi, I’m Deb Mayberry.

Welcome to my Website!

I am so happy you are here!

I have so much to share with you and I want you to get excited about the opportunities that you never knew were possible.

Today is a game changer for you. Truly. Chances you are here because you need a change in your life. You have wishes, hopes, and dreams. You aspire to have more in your life too but probably feel stuck.



Maybe you…

  • have even attempted to make a change, but couldn’t get traction on your efforts and gave-up
  • work very hard and are tired of the long hours, uncomfortable conditions, demanding boss, and long commute
  • have visions of freedom, or to be your own boss
  • maybe you want to work on your own schedule, but can’t figure out how to do that
  • just don’t know where to start


I totally relate to you, I’ve been there, and I can help.


First of all, I would like to introduce myself to you.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario in the month of February, on a rainy day. My Mom said that if it rained on a special day/event it is good luck. I liked her thinking. It is a nice way to look at it, isn’t it? Spin positive thinking on anything that you can and the world looks amazing. Well, what she said stuck with me all my life because it sure made me feel special.

I grew up with my parents and younger brother in the suburbs on the outskirts of Toronto. In my early years, we were among many neighbors that got dug in pools in the backyard. They called our neighborhood “Pool City”. Our pool was a rectangle in shape, our next door neighbors was an L-Shape (theirs was my favorite because they had a slide and diving board!), and another family had a pool in the shape of an eight, with a diving board. It was a pretty cool neighborhood. As kids, we pool hopped a lot and made many childhood friends who joined in too! Those were the days. I loved my childhood and am so grateful to remain friends with so many to this day!

I traveled a lot with my family.

Every other year we visited Tennessee. My Dad is a huge country music fan and it rubbed off on me and my brother, big time. I remember Hee Haw, and seeing Mini Pearl at the Grand Ole Opry among many other famous singers. I miss Wild Bash Canon Ball and the Opryland Theme Park.

It was a special place. The first time I ever road an upside-down roller coaster! They didn’t have them in Ontario, Canada for many years to come. I forgot to mention that I road all kinds of roller coasters and it was my Dad that always encouraged it. It was just the two of us that lined up for these crazy rides. My brother and Mom were never into them so they hung back. Can you image your Dad (like a big kid) not thinking twice to hit the monster (might I add), aggressive Roller Coaster rides?? How cool is that! Someday, I should tell you about the time our safety harness didn’t lock-in and we were heading out to go upside down a few times! Scary stuff.

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Anyway, spinning forward years later, I went to College for Theater Arts. I met many amazing people and had an awesome, memorable time there. Thanks to Facebook, I have reconnected with many of them and it sure brings me back to a most cherished time in my life.

The Real Life

I left the program a year earlier than expected. Mainly because, I was on the fence on the direction of the program, many of my close friends weren’t returning, and I had a stable summer job that could extend to something permanent if I wanted. Next thing I knew, I bought my dream car… hence, I needed the job to pay the bill.
So, that changed things for me. Later, I got married, had kids, bought a house…and well, as the years went by, I continued and evolved in the office world. The ride was up and down through the years and thankfully ever changing.

But, my heart and desires never quite felt fulfilled. I craved for something more. Something different. But, what and how? I searched on the internet for years, for solutions. Quick solutions. I ran into roadblocks as I never quite found what resonated with me nor did I feel any trust with quick money promises. I really felt like I was going around in circles and getting nowhere fast!

Eye Opener to A New Way of Thinking

Thankfully, my son introduced me to a different way of thinking. It evolved and lead me to a solution that I have discovered to be exactly what I was looking for, needing craving, and a true promise that things that I want out of life have always been within my reach. It is a different way of thinking for me that I never realized and it can be for you. You have the power to make positive changes in your life and all you really need to have is a compass to lead you and information to guide you.


We only live once.

Please don’t feel stuck anymore.

There is hope. I know, it sounds pretty incredible, eh?

I hope you will keep an open mind. You can absorb some pretty incredible learning and teaching skills that will inspire you to take steps towards your goals that you want and need out of life. It will get you unstuck and give you a beacon of light to reach for that you never thought was possible.

If you need more freedom from a 9-5 job, to make more money, to quit a job you hate, then take this reaching hand and hold on for an amazing journey of learning, doing, and reaping what you sow.


We are in it Together!

Hop on my train, let’s do this together. You are not alone. I am here to help you and behind me is a huge community of like-minded people who are supportive, encouraging, and are actively on this journey every day with you and me.

Get Introduced to The Six Figure Mentors here.



If you have any questions and want to reach out, please feel free to contact me.

Have a wonderful day/ evening.

Take Care,

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