Why Blogging is Important

Why Is Blogging Important?

“Where the Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.” – George Siemens     In order to have an authority website, you need a Blogging platform.  The Blogs you share will include your knowledge on your site’s topic and show the readers that you are knowledgeable in your field. Your Read more about Why Is Blogging Important?[…]

How to Add Akismet Plugin for Free

How to Add Akismet Plugin for Free

  “SPAM is taking e-mail, which is a wonderful tool, and exploiting the idea that it’s very inexpensive to send mail.” -Bill Gates   How many times a day do you get spam in your emails? I have too many to count. Spam is an epidemic and just downright annoying.  When you have your own Read more about How to Add Akismet Plugin for Free[…]

8 Free Plugins Needed to Optimize Your Website

Creating a beautiful and highly functional website with WordPress is mainly due to Plugins.  Plugins enhance your website with features and benefits that make your website look professional…   They are pieces of code that you can activate directly in WordPress and can be the exact piece-of-puzzle you need to make the Website do exactly Read more about 8 Free Plugins Needed to Optimize Your Website[…]

How to Create a Website in 4 Easy Steps-For Beginners

Having a Website is like owning a piece of real estate online. It grows and matures and becomes more valuable as the time goes by. It can, be shared, be written about, provide value to visitors, sell products, connect followers, and reach across the world. The best thing yet… is that creating a Website is super easy!  Anybody Read more about How to Create a Website in 4 Easy Steps-For Beginners[…]

Living a Laptop Life

“To join in the Industrial Revolution, you needed to open a Factory; in the Internet Revolution, you need to open a Laptop.” – Alexis Ohanian    Laptops are portable. You pick-up a laptop and move it from your bedroom to the living room. A laptop can be taken to the coffee shop, or on a Read more about Living a Laptop Life[…]

creating an online business

Creating an Online Business

A huge opportunity is online for you and your online business because of the number of people that are active online every day… You have the ability to reach out to a large customer base because you know where they are hanging out. Think about this…there are 4.1 billion active users on the internet, in which Read more about Creating an Online Business[…]

10 steps to plan your day to success

10 Steps To Plan Your Day To Success

“Plan your hours to be productive…Plan your weeks to be educational…Plan your years to be purposeful. Plan your life to be an experience of growth. Plan to change. Plan to grow.”-Iyanla Vanzant How many times have you started a project or task and abandoned it?  How many times have you wished for something you really Read more about 10 Steps To Plan Your Day To Success[…]

5 Steps to Building a Successful Online Business:

5 Steps to Building a Successful Online Business

Having your own Website is like having Real Estate online. It is a valuable asset to you and your business, and it can be a life-source to you for many years to come.   In order to ensure your website stands out from your competition and that it captures customer attention, you will need to Read more about 5 Steps to Building a Successful Online Business[…]

Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Stop Trading Time for Money and Make Money with an Online Business Why waste time working for somebody else, doing something you don’t like, in order to live a life that’s not really yours. Learn to make money online. Create a life worth living with an online business. When you establish an online asset, it will work Read more about Make Money Online[…]

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