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In today’s age, we have to be on our guard with security, especially with the internet. We use the web practically every day for more than just emails and Googling information. That is why we are often told to change our password and then prompted with guidelines on what the password should consist of in order for it to be acceptable.

I personally find that creating passwords and keeping track of the complex requirement often becomes cumbersome, frustrating, and confusing. Only because we have to include upper and lower case, alpha and numeric characters, and symbols. Oh my!

Fortunately, there is actually software out there that can greatly help this overwhelming problem. They are called “Password Manager”.  I stumbled upon this concept through my Google searches and frankly, I can’t tell you what keywords or what I was trying to find. I honestly found this information, read it, loved it, and now want to share it!!

What is a Password Manager?

A Password Manager creates complex passwords and stores them in an encrypted database, and they:

  • Store
  • Organize
  • Informs you of password duplication
  • Allows you to easily change a password any time

These Password Managers provide easy access to your passwords across all your electronic devices, ie: phone, tablet, computers…


Password Managers utilize zero-knowledge protocols that encrypt user’s master passwords with encryption and is kept on the user’s devices.  Therefore, they have zero information on users passwords.

Password Managers look after your requirements when it comes to passwords.  Yes, you will likely have your own system to keep track of them too, but if not then why not try one of these. 

  • Username
  • Password
  • URL
  • Addresses
  • Credit Card Information
  • Bank Accounts
  • Upgrades



Although our Browsers have the convenient free ability to save passwords, they are not at the same level of encryption that Password Managers are at. Therefore, browsers are more susceptible to breaches…and you don’t want to be their victim.

Passwords are becoming very complex these days and it’s next to impossible to remember them all.

As per Dashlane’s marketing survey: “80% of users re-use passwords and the average number of passwords per person is 150.”  In my opinion, that’s crazy! 

Gosh, no wonder why I am so overwhelmed and frustrated with managing my passwords that are constantly changing and are hard to remember.

I have a password to get into my computer, log into my banking, my excel documents on my laptop, Netflix, emails, PayPal, my Onlne Business and Websites, iPhone, Spotify, Youtube Account,.. the list is seamlessly endless!


Free Password Managers:

These are available and they have op-tins to upgrade for a fee if you wish:

Check through their credentials and make the best choice that fits your needs.

  1. LastPass: https://www.lastpass.com/
  2. Roboforms: https://online.roboform.com/
  3. A Securelife: https://www.asecurelife.com/best-password-manager/
  4. Keeper: https://keepersecurity.com
  5. Sticky: https://www.stickypassword.com/
  6. 1Pass: https://1password.com/password-generator/
  7. Dashlane: https://www.dashlane.com/

All-in-all, passwords are important to ensure your Online Safety. They are not a guarantee that you won’t be hacked. I use LastPass. It is free. I find it convenient, secure, and more reliable than making notes or using an excel document to keep track of my User ID and Passwords. 

My Online Business has many connections to affiliate links, websites, emails, social media accounts, banking, and so on… it certainly is a daunting task to remember every password, especially when they ask to have it update and to make it worse they all have different password rules.  Needless to say, I am grateful for a secure alternative and for that fact that that provide password suggestions that help you make it the strongest and unique. Should you forget it and for some reason, the Password Manager doesn’t work for you…no worries, as you always are able to reset your password by submitting “forgot password” and go through a series of questions. It’s super easy and helps elevate the stress of remembering!


For a related article, I wrote “How To Create Strong Passwords

I hope this Blog was helpful. Any feedback would be appreciated.  I am wondering how do you manage your passwords?

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